Djembefola Moussa Traore

Preserving Mali's Rich Musical Heritage through Authentic Teaching, Community Engagement and Dynamic Performances.
Moussa Traore is a Malian Master Drummer and djembe composer, an inspiring teacher and a charismatic performer. He uses his heart and soul along with his brilliant musicianship to bring people together in community.
Moussa Traore

Preserving Mali’s Rich Musical Heritage through Authentic Teaching, Community Engagement and Dynamic Performances.

Male Chiwara Antelope Mali


Moussa’s teaching inspires joy and creative expression at every level of learning. Classes are fun, community building and challenging. If you want to learn djembe, this is the place and Moussa is the teacher. He keeps people at every level engaged and wanting to learn more.





Moussa’s performances are breathless explosions of energy and joy. He engages the audience, encourages participation and brings people to their feet. Moussa performs in large venues as well as for grade schools, universities and community events including Juneteenth, Brown University graduation, Black History Month and many others.

Berklee College of Music | Associate Professor 


Moussa has djembes and dunduns for sale. He designs them himself and works with local drum builders in Mali to his specifications. Once they arrive in Boston, Moussa finishes the build. In addition, he is available to replace drum heads. Tunes and repairs of djembes and dunduns are professionally completed within two weeks. If you are interested in buying a djembe, Moussa will assess your needs based on your budget, your level of study and interest.


BEGINNER CLASS – Wednesday from 5–6pm. Location is Christian Herter Park, Lot 3. Cost is $20. Class will be run by Moussa’s students. Moussa will be an occasional guest teacher. If you are interested, please RSVP

Proceeds from this class will be put into a scholarship fund for those people who need support to attend Moussa’s classes and workshops. For questions about receiving or donating to this fund contact

If you’re experienced or just starting out, join teacher Moussa Traore for a dynamic and engaging drumming experience. Benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience in every class session.

Classes are subject to change. Always check the calendar for recent updates before attending class. Harvard, Mass classes are back Aug/Sept.

July 21, 2024
    12:00 am11:59 pm

    667 Fairburn Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30331, USA

    Moussa will be teaching at the 15th Annual Atlanta African Dance & Drum Festival.

    Event Website

July 23, 2024
July 27, 2024

Teacher Moussa Traore

Teacher Moussa Traore

Discover traditional African drumming with Moussa’s expert guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced drummer, classes cater to all skill levels.

Weekly classes are available in the Boston area to choose from, crafted to fit all levels. Moussa’s passion for teaching and performing has taken him all over the country, but when he’s in Boston, he’s dedicated to teaching in a community setting.

To stay updated and never miss a class, simply drop us an email request to be added to our weekly invite list. Or if you want to subscribe to our Google Calendar, email us and we’ll add you to the list.

Worried about not having your own drum or chair? We have instruments and chairs available for lending. Just let us know in advance, and we’ll ensure you have everything you need when you arrive for class.


If you sign up for class invites, please make sure to check your Google calendar for the invite and confirm your attendance. Alternatively, you can refer to the calendar on our website here. If you are interested in joining a class, feel free to send us an email.


Please inform us in advance if you plan to attend. Bring a drum and a chair – if you need to borrow or rent those, please let us know when you RSVP.


Kindly notify us if you plan to attend or if there are any changes to your plans. We require a minimum of five committed participants to proceed with the class. In the event of insufficient registrations, we will notify you via email on the morning of the event if the class is canceled. Please note that outdoor classes are held under a tent in the case of light rain.

Phone: (978) 621-1895


I have been studying with Moussa for 8 years. When I first met him, I was deeply impressed by his exceptional djembe skills, intricate djembe phrases, and positive personality. I have been studying djembe for over ten years myself, and while I thought I was familiar with certain rhythms, it was only after delving into Moussa’s djembe phrases that I realized the richness of the interplay between djembe and dunun. When Moussa teaches djembe solos, he not only teaches you a complete solo routine but also guides you in creating your own solo sections, enabling you to develop the ability to create solos with your own style. To be honest, it was only after studying with Moussa that I truly gained the confidence to solo. Moussa places great emphasis on teaching sound quality. He pays close attention to the subtle movements of his students during their performances, and he has a wealth of experience in improving sound quality. Under Moussa’s guidance, my sound quality improved significantly in a short period of time. Whether in the classroom or in everyday life, Moussa is always full of positive energy. When faced with challenges and difficulties, he always approaches them with a proactive attitude. I believe this embodies the true spirit of a drummer and musician. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Moussa, a true djembe master.

Jet L.


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